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The name says it all: Mark Henderson’s latest book is an explosion of color!

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A colorful adventure in the world of male erotic photography! Every photograph is a mini-essay in carefully chosen color harmonies.

Los Angeles photographer Mark Henderson is a highly regarded artist whose images of the male nude are among the finest. This stunning new release is quite possibly Henderson’s best to date!

Color Explosion is the newest photo book from Mark Henderson, featuring beautiful images of attractive male models with large areas of bright, almost primary and secondary colors. On each page the viewer is struck by a single color, whether it is in the background or in the clothes the model is (not) wearing! The pictures in this book are in stark contrast to some of the more somber images in his previous work, Lap of Luxury which consists of photographs with more muted tones.

As usual, the selection of men cannot be faulted. There is something for everyone here, and each model is photographed with care to present them in their best light. In some images, a subtly placed prop, arm, or leg covers the model’s intimate areas; in others, the model stands proud, ready for action!

Color has an immediacy, a sensory quality that can elicit emotions and instantly draw the viewer into an image. — Mark Henderson

Color Explosion: Men by Mark Henderson is published in June and is available from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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