Survival of the Fittest’s Ryan Cleary talks about sexuality

Survival of the Fittest contestant Ryan Cleary tells Attitude magazine why he decided to come out as bisexual on the reality TV show.

When I was younger I’d have loved to have heard someone on TV say they were bisexual and it not be an issue. I don’t think that’s shown on TV often. I wanted to use that platform in a way that would help people if they were ever in that situation where they feel that they can’t express who they are to whoever they want and feel comfortable with it. A lot of people who are bisexual are not open about it because it’s easy not to be if you are going more toward the heterosexual side of that bisexuality. If you’re in a relationship with a woman but you’re bi, people are just going to assume you’re straight. There’s such a broad spectrum within the LGBT+ community and then within bi and gay men, of masculinity and femininity. I feel they see only a certain way of what they perceive gay and bi men to be.

Ryan was shot in New York by celebrated photographer Rick Day.

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