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SIR, a gallery of men from photography’s maestro Mario Testino

in Books/Celebrity/Fashion/Photography

Mario Testino’s sensual and alluring chronicle of modern masculinity documents the evolution of the ‘male image’.

In SIR, his largest book to-date, the influential photographer presents over 300 pictures in his search to define the allure of men. Every photograph represents a unique point of view, and a new visual connection between photographer and sitter. Through a kaleidoscope of guises, these portraits define a period in which men’s changing role, style and appearance has never escaped Testino’s eye and impeccable intuition.

The way men are seen in photography, in fashion, and the way that men look at pictures of themselves has changed in recent years. It is a subject that has come into focus: The masculine image, a man’s personal style, changing attitudes to the male face and body.

SIR by Mario Testino is available now from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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