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Rick Day tells GayLetter about photographing the boys of Bel Ami

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New York photographer Rick Day is best known for his Players series of books featuring athletes in various states of undress. Now he turns his lens on the young men of Bel Ami.

A lot of the images, especially around the pool, were shot after the day’s shoots were over. All of the guys stayed nude and played around the pool. I would just find a spot where I would go unnoticed and shoot and shoot and shoot.

Young, good-looking, with hairless, muscular bodies, well-endowed and seemingly uninhibited, the boys of Bel Ami are a natural match for the bright, sporty photography of Rick Day.

There are many, many photographers that have shot these boys. I think we each want to capture them in our own unique style.

The studio clearly has faith in Day to capture its finest talent, and he does not disappoint.

I don’t find my images pornographic at all. If one has a problem with the male form nude, I wouldn’t recommend visiting the Sistine Chapel or the Accademia Gallery in Italy. I think there will always be people who are offended at just about anything, or have different ideas of what pornography is.

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