Reece King by Stephen Maycock for We The Urban

Model Reece King is photographed by Stephen Maycock for We The Urban magazine.

Reece King by Stephen Maycock
Reece King by Stephen Maycock

I had problems with insomnia for years and my anxiety, which mainly was from traveling and being in new places, took a toll on me. When I first started modeling I had to ask my brother for directions everyday and train times so I could write down everything on paper because it helped with excessive traveling anxiety I felt. It was all still new for me and even though I seem really confident I am super introverted. I decided to start sharing these parts of my life because I found it was a problem that I couldn’t ignore and I also didn’t want to lie and have to pretend that life is perfect. I think I knew it was important to put messages out there because I need to hear them too. I’m still learning how to cope with the problems I face mentally but mainly I have improved through personal hobbies and solitude. I have learned to not overwork myself so I turn down a lot of jobs and opportunities that don’t feel good or natural to me and I make sure my energy is feeling good before putting myself into anything, especially work. I think I am just learning how to be happy and how to deal with the sad times, but it’s getting better. — Reece King

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