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The Polaroid pictures of Ferry van der Nat

in Books/Models/Photography

Dutch photographer Ferry van der Nat has been taking Polaroid photographs of men for years.

Many of the men he scouted have made it to the major runways and fashion magazines around the world.

Like many photographers, Ferry van der Nat has a handful of models he refers to as his muses, leading to the chemistry that makes his photo shoots just a bit more exciting. In order to be a portrait photographer, there’s the miracle ingredient of charisma and charm. Good portraits dwell on splendid inter-human relationships and just how naturally and generously the photographer can make his model feel at ease. That’s why fashion photographers always holler things like ‘Gorgeous!’, ‘Love it!’ and ‘You’re beautiful!’ on repeat, even if the photos they’re taking are terrible. You have to go for it, you have to love the moment, and to be able to share your love and respect in order to get it all back into the portrait.

Van der Nat has released Mr., his first book, with over 300 pages and 285 images.

Mr. by Ferry van der Nat is available now from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk 

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