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Photographer Giuseppe Santamaria documents the world’s most stylish men on the street

in Books/Fashion/Photography

Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, London, Paris, Florence, Madrid, New York and LA: these cities have some of the world’s best-dressed men strutting their streets.

In Alone in a Crowd, the follow-up to the successful Men in this Town, Giuseppe Santamaria brings us more stylish men from around the world — this time documenting their fashion through the seasons.

Through interviews and observations, Santamaria allows us to get to know a variety of creatively dressed men in their natural habitats. Candid street shots capture the eccentric and intriguing trends of each region, taking us on a journey across the globe to explore how each culture’s traditions impact the way men dress.

The fashionistos show that male beauty and fashion don’t have to take a back seat to the ladies; we can all strut like peacocks.

Alone in a Crowd by Giuseppe Santamaria is available in May from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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