Nejhé Ryütt photographed by Bobby Cray

Check out our exclusive pictures of this 27-year-old Jamaican-born Londoner.

Nejhé Ryütt by Bobby CrayFive foot eleven Darren “Nejhé Ryütt” Campbell is a dancer, choreographer, model, photographer, and lifeguard.

Nejhé moved to London in January 2014 and has been featured in magazines, coffee table books, calendars and on the Italian Vogue website. He has toured with and choreographed various British artists, and has worked with international superstar Fergie (The Black Eyed Peas). He has appeared in TV series as a background artist and in a commercial with David Beckham. He draws inspiration from artist Dawn Richard (Danity Kane) and her achievements as an independent artist.

Nejhé considers himself to be a very artistic person who isn’t afraid to think way outside the box to push his work forward. 2017 holds his most ambitious self-appointed challenge to date, finding new ways to release his work with what he calls ‘model video visuals’ which show the different areas of his talents, both hidden and known.

We can all post pics ’cause they are dope but what’s really gonna make you stand out and be recognized by an audience? Let’s be different, let’s put some meaning behind what we put out, let’s still be our usual crazy, funny, flirty, sexy sex-symbol selves who like to tease the viewers in the smallest underwear but still leave a lot left for the imagination to run wild. Let’s make a story out of it, but let’s have fun doing it!

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