Is Lucien Laviscount the best thing about new show Snatch?

Lucien Laviscount in Snatch

Lucien plays boxer Billy who, according to Variety, ‘happens to have very pretty eyelashes’.

Crackle’s new show hasn’t had the best reviews, but it might be worth watching just for the eye-candy that Lucien provides. The gym fanatic didn’t have long to prepare physically.

I said to Alex De Rakoff, the writer, during the audition, “Bro, if you give this part to me, I will be in the gym 2-3 times a day, and I’ll eat nothing but chicken and broccoli and whatever else I need to do to make it look believable.” And I got a phone call a couple weeks later saying “Lucien, you got the job,” and I was eating a Twix at the time, it’s my favorite chocolate, and I threw it to the ground and I had two weeks to get in the best shape I could for him.

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