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Living the high life with photographer Mark Henderson

in Books/Models/Photography

Henderson’s seventh book takes us back to his private paradise.

Between the covers of Lap of Luxury you will find glowing, chiseled bodies set against dark, decorative backgrounds, proffered backsides atop elegant furniture, and tumescent members in beautiful living spaces.

Mark Henderson’s skillful blending of natural light and dramatic use of color has made him a leader in the world of erotic male photography. He places the viewer directly in the seat of his unmistakable style and perfectly showcasing one of the world’s most luxurious treasures: the male body. Henderson is an art historian specializing in European painting of the 17th century, so it is no coincidence that in his own work he is often drawn to the expressive colors and chiaroscuro effects employed by many of the great Baroque painters. Although he wouldn’t characterize his photographs as particularly Baroque or directly referential to art history at all, his first-hand exposure to and close study of great works of art must surely have influenced his work in some very subtle way.

For the images in Lap of Luxury I purposely reduced my color palette to a range of more subdued tones (with the occasional pop of bright color) which imparts a sense of restrained elegance and glamor to every picture. Lap of Luxury consists largely of models who have never appeared in my previous publications.

Lap of Luxury by Mark Henderson is available now from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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