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    Ta’Leon Goffney by JR Christiansen
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    Ta’Leon Goffney by JR Christiansen
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    Ta’Leon Goffney by JR Christiansen
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    Ta’Leon Goffney by JR Christiansen
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    Ta’Leon Goffney by JR Christiansen
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    Ta’Leon Goffney by JR Christiansen
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    Ta’Leon Goffney by JR Christiansen
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    Ta’Leon Goffney and Rod Orlando by JR Christiansen

Life after infamy: Ta’Leon Goffney photographed by Jr Christiansen

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Taleon Goffney by Jr Christiansen

Ta’Leon has recently published the second volume of his autobiography, Life After Infamy.

Kyle Goffney has long been one of our favorite models so we thought it was about time that we featured his twin brother Ta’Leon. Here he is photographed by Jr Christiansen.

The following is an extract from Ta’Leon’s latest memoir.

I was escorted into a classroom-like environment and there sat one lieutenant who wore a white short-sleeved button up revealing golden stripes conveying his rank along with a gold badge. Next to him sat two sergeants wearing blue button ups displaying their rank with three golden yellow arrow-shaped stripes on the sleeves. They were even laughing a bit, and one even commented, “This guy doesn’t look like I thought he would.” And that’s when the lieutenant told me to have a seat.
“You’re quite famous these days,” he said. Suddenly he slid a vast array of newspaper clippings across the desk with headlines that read, Gay Porn Star Burglar arrested, Spiderman Escape Artist sentenced to 8 years, Adult Film Star Burglar’s saga comes to an end. My heart hit the floor like a ton of bricks. Damn after all these years, this shit comes back to haunt me during a time like this, I thought. I was pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of his voice. “Because you are a high-profile criminal and a known escape artist we have to stipulate your custody level. And the fact that you’re a gay porn star you’re going to be VERY (he said with emphasis) popular around the prison. So you are being quarantined for your own safety until further notice.” “How long is until further notice sir?”, I replied. He then said, “When you’re no longer on CNN, the front of newspapers, Action News, magazines, and being joked about on Saturday Night Live then we’ll reevaluate your custody level. Until then you’re on maximum custody which is a level 5 inmate. Have a nice day Mr. Goffney.”

Life after infamy: Ta’Leon Goffney

Life After Infamy by Ta’Leon Goffney is available from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

You can follow Taleon Goffney and Jr Christiansen on Instagram @taleongoffneyofficial and @jrchristiansenstudio

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