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    Layton Williams by Gabriel Mokake
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    Layton Williams by Gabriel Mokake
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    Layton Williams by Gabriel Mokake
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    Layton Williams by Gabriel Mokake
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    Layton Williams by Gabriel Mokake

Layton Williams talks about being black and gay

in Celebrity/Photography/Sexuality

The young British actor opened up to photographer Gabriel Mokake for BLKOUT LONDON.

I believe that me being proud and present as a black gay man is where I find my voice — encouraging people to be loud and proud with their true selves unapologetically. I think it’s hard for people of colour within the gay community as the stigma is still very prevalent. Even on a recent trip to Jamaica I was scared of how I’d be perceived, but I just had to be me because it’s all I’ve ever known. When I have people messaging me to let me know that I’ve given them the confidence to come out to their family and friends, it’s touching and makes it all worth it. — Layton Williams

You can read the full interview at blkoutlondon.com

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