Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian represent a new generation


Their new book Sixty Nine is anything but a conventional photographic volume. Alongside the sexy photos of CockyBoys models, there is a series of essays aiming to show that love between men is not sin.

There’s a lot of crap porn out there. I should know, I come across a lot of it. But what’s special about CockyBoys is how they not only transcend the genre with interesting conceptual devices, but bring the personalities of their stars to the forefront. It’s what Jaxson as a filmmaker has in common with Warhol or Waters: The persona and personality that actually come through to the viewer give the impression of actual creativity taking place. There’s something about this that makes the whole thing feel almost wholesome, almost as if you know these guys. — Jake Shears, Scissor Sisters

Sixty Nine by Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian is available in May from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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