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Hermoso is Ernest Montgomery’s latest photographic tribute to the men of the Dominican Republic

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Hermoso: Ernest Montgomery

Hermoso, a Spanish word meaning handsome, is an aesthetic that Dominicanos embody.

For many years, Ernest Montgomery has photographed men of the Dominican Republic. His first photo book, Dominicanos, is a best-seller. Now, in Hermoso, Montgomery captures Dominican men in intimate and seductive scenes throughout Santo Domingo, Bonao, Barahona, Las Terrenas, Moca, Haina, San Cristobal, and San Juan de Maguana. These rural communities are filled with hard-working men, laborers, barbers, taxi drivers, sports players, and small businessmen who are fathers, uncles, and brothers looking to provide for their families and their communities. They are determined men who dream and dream big. They want what every man wants for himself: a house, economic mobility, and a loving family. So they work diligently to make their dream a reality. And though they work hard, they play and love even harder.

Hermoso by Ernest Montgomery is available now from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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