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Get Naked in Ibiza with Dylan Rosser!

in Books/Photography

A book of male nudes photographed on location in Ibiza.

I wanted to work with more models in different locations at different times of the year to provide a more vivid picture of this Mediterranean island paradise. — Dylan Rosser

Naked Ibiza includes over 40 gorgeous male models: classical male nudes, beautiful portraits, and full frontal images. Rosser’s photography captures men in a unique way, timeless and tasteful.

After visiting Ibiza regularly since 2000, Dylan Rosser decided to leave London with the intention of photographing models outdoors in nature, something that was new to him after primarily indoor studio work. The range of body types and the mix of clothed and nude bodies means there is something for everyone in Rosser’s biggest book so far. Check out the video below for a behind the scenes look at the shooting of Naked Ibiza and a glimpse of some of the stunning models in the book.

Naked Ibiza by Dylan Rosser is available now from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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