Army captain turned designer Julian Woodhouse

This multi-talented individual has just left the military and is ready to take the fashion world by storm.

Born in Germany to army parents, based in South Korea, 27-year-old openly gay former soldier Julian Woodhouse is a model, stylist, and fashion designer.

I see something that I want, and then my military brain figures out the logistics of how to get there. And then the other part of my brain is like, ‘Okay, cool! Let’s do it!’

Julian is married to Kirill Kabachenko, a Ukrainian model. The couple wed last year in New York City, both wearing black T-shirts, and Kirill is still very much Julian’s primary model and muse. Julian has set up fashion label, Wood House.

Wood House’s fall 2017 collection, which was presented at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, was one of the most buzzed about presentations of the day. The collection possessed a confidence and sass that is rare to find from an emerging designer. — W Magazine

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