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    Emotion by David Vance
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    Emotion by David Vance
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    Emotion by David Vance
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    Emotion by David Vance
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    Emotion by David Vance
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    Emotion by David Vance
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    Emotion by David Vance

David Vance’s latest book continues his long tradition of presenting some of the finest male models in the world in all their statuesque beauty

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Emotion by David Vance

These are not photographs of ordinary average men, but of athletes at the peak of their form. These are pictures that remind you of Michelangelo’s David.

David Vance is first an artist, a person who expresses himself through a medium — and Vance’s medium is the camera. In Emotion, the critically acclaimed photographer shares his particular vision of emotions with us.

When I see something that is beautiful, I want to show it to the world the way I have experienced it. Emotion is what I feel when I make these images. It’s what I hope you experience looking at them.

Emotion by David Vance is available now from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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