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Chris Mears poses naked for last ever edition of Sport Magazine

in Athletes/Celebrity/Photography

The weekly magazine bows out after ten years.

Chris Mears posed naked for the last ever edition of the London-based Sport Magazine.

The Olympic gold medal winner is no stranger to posing for daring photoshoots. He is very supportive of his gay fans, and has often posed semi-naked in gay magazines such as Gay Times, Winq, and Attitude, as well as in bestselling calendars and mainstream publications.

Over the years Chris has worked with some great photographers, including Dylan Rosser, Spiros Politis, Joseph Sinclair, and Pantelis, and we highlight some of those shoots here.

For Chris Mears, who is straight, his reason for stripping off for a gay mag was simple: to take on team-mate Tom Daley. “I’m trying to steal his gay fan base by doing this shoot for GT!” he jokes. “I have no issues being around gay people. I know people through Tom who are gay and I’m good friends with them.”


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