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Austin Armacost making plans to marry boyfriend Darren Banks

in Celebrity

The Celebrity Big Brother star says the pair will be engaged by the end of the year.

Austin works out nine times a week in order to keep drugs and alcohol at bay.

Austin told New! magazine that although he considers himself to be ‘the woman in the relationship’, he thinks that it will be him popping the question.

Austin says that boyfriend Darren is not his usual type, as the architect is ‘bald and intellectual’. Despite this, Austin is very happy with how the relationship is going.

Everything’s just perfect and the sex is amazing, which is a massive plus and I mean a massive plus!

Austin took part in a nude photoshoot for the magazine, and you can see the behind the scenes video below. He loves posing naked for the camera as he’s proud of his body. He works out nine times a week, doing weights in the morning and cardio at night.

Austin is not worried about being a victim of the sex tape leak that has plagued other celebrities, saying that there is nothing out there. Austin posts semi-nude snaps seemingly on a daily basis, and we’ve reposted a selection of the latest for your viewing pleasure!

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