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Another revealing David Mcintosh post is pulled by Instagram

in Celebrity/Photography/Underwear

The social networking site reportedly removes the image after user complaints. The underwear model has had his profile blocked before.

Once again gym fanatic David Mcintosh has had an Instagram post pulled for displaying too much eggplant. Promoting RÅPHAEL, his range of underwear and swimwear, a close-up shot of one pair of briefs was a little too revealing for the site as the outline of the ex-marine’s privates could clearly be seen beneath his tighty whities. The former Gladiator has had his account blocked in the past for posting overly explicit photos. David’s posts often test the site’s limits, and it seems that some spoilsports are stalking him, just waiting to report his every transgression to the social media app’s moderators whenever he gets a little too risqué.

I have a whole fan base out there dedicated to reporting my images to Instagram and Facebook. They are complete loser boys. If you can’t handle seeing a bit of dick print then get the hell off my page. The male body is thing to be admired, who am I to deny the masses a piece of eye candy! Women have been flaunting their assets for years, it’s time for people to embrace the beauty of masculinity.

David, we couldn’t agree more. Keep on posting — you won’t find us complaining!

David has revealed that was once the victim of a phone sex con. After months of talking dirty with what he thought was a beauty queen, he decided to meet her and booked a flight to Seattle. He was met at the airport by a young man.

He introduced himself as her brother and told me his sister was caught up at work and would be meeting me at the hotel later that evening. Strangely enough he sounded exactly like his sister. I’d been getting rude and nasty on the phone with a young man, not a sweet beauty queen.

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