AJ Pritchard wants to be part of Strictly’s first same-sex couple

24-year-old ballroom dancer AJ Pritchard wants to be part of the first same-sex couple in the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.

If it’s going to be anyone, I’d like it to be me. I’m 100% the pro to do it. I guess it all depends on who the celebrity contestants are this year. I think we have to wait and see; but if same-sex partnerships do happen it’s going to be so captivating. I am very open to it. — AJ Pritchard

The dance professional has already promised fans same-sex dance routines when he heads out on the Get On The Floor! UK tour.

With dance you definitely want to see a classic waltz, for example, with a male and female. It’s traditional. But we will be doing a guys’ section. Because it’s not about gender. It’s about movement to music. And it’s very powerful to see two guys creating a strong impact doing a Stomp The Yard-type routine. It’s about creating art on a floor. Sometimes it’s more powerful to see that than watching a guy and a girl dance.

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