books, movies & more for gay men

  • Dieux du Stade 15th Anniversary Calendar

    Dieux du Stade (meaning gods of the stadium) is a series of popular calendars featuring erotic photographs of European rugby players, athletes and sportsmen.

  • Gregg Homme's sexiest collection yet

    Gregg Homme exceeds expectations and surpasses limitations by pushing the boundaries of what we have come to know as sexy men’s underwear.

  • Cooking with the Bears

    They say you should lock your food up in closed containers while camping in bear country to keep uninvited bear guests from crashing your campsite...

  • You Can Keep Your Hat On!

    Olympic gymnast Louis Smith has stripped naked on the cover of GT Magazine to raise awareness of male cancer.

  • Boys of St Petersburg

    St Petersburg is a city of inexpressible beauty. In Boys of St Petersburg, photographer Michael Andrew shares this with us.

  • Corbin Fisher All American

    Corbin Fisher fans worldwide have hungered for the photo book All American, which provides the most impressive overview of the freshmen world.

  • Anticipation

    Joe Mozdzen's boys are surrounded by the myth of youth and innocence. Mozdzen's pictures oscillate between sensitive eroticism and innocent desire.

  • Addicted teams up with Bel Ami

    Addicted has teamed up with Bel Ami to launch its new streetwear/sportswear, swimwear and underwear collections.

  • Men of Rio

    Leo Castro's men are like Rio itself: full of emotion, charm, and sensuality. True Cariocas, as the inhabitants of Rio refer to themselves. Athletic bodies, juvenile and manly, pale and dark.

  • Dominicanos

    For many years, Ernest Montgomery has photographed men of the Dominican Republic. This photo book collects his most erotic works in one volume.

  • Fond Memories

    College boys, freshmen, American twinks—Mark Lynch had them all in front of his camera. His works are collected together for the first time in a large and beautiful volume.

  • Poolside Pleasures

    The outstanding qualities of Mark Henderson's bestsellers: the sculptural grace of Luminosity combined with the sparkle of Poolside and the gleaming light of Suburban Pleasures.

  • A Thing of Beauty

    Photographers Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian effectively and emotionally draw attention to the young guys featured in this photobook.

  • Closets, Combat and Coming Out

    Rob Smith is a young African-American coming to terms with his sexuality amid the backdrop of the hyper-masculine, homophobic US Army.

Twilight of the Shadows

Louis LaSalle's works are inspired by classical nudes, which he transforms through a passionate reinterpretation.

Massive: Gay Japanese Manga

Big, burly, lascivious, and soft around the edges: welcome to the hyper-masculine world of Japanese gay manga.

Boys (Jongens)

In this beautiful and uplifting gay romance, two teen track stars discover first love as they train for the biggest relay race of their young lives.

Modus Vivendi Masai Line

Modus Vivendi presents the latest part of its campaign for 2015 for its new line of men's underwear and athletic loungewear.